Safe and Easy Storage with Google Drive

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For some users of Google products such as Google Mail, Google Plus and Blogger would have been strange with Google Drive Storage. However, not a few of people who are still not familiar with Google Drive, how to utilize Google Drives as a storage medium that is safe and easy.

On this occasion I will discuss and introduce Google Drive as a storage product that is safe and easy to use. First - all what is Google Drive? Google Drive is a free storage facility provided by Google Company. Google Drive is a storage media files - files like pictures, music, Document, and other files.

Google Drive is also a storage media files on several other Google products. Google has integrate Google Drive with some nominally similar their products such as Google Mail, Google +, Blogger, and other. If we attach the file in the like photos, music, or other documents, then automatically the files will be stored on Google Drive storage memory.

The storage capacity provided by Google Drive is large enough, Google Drive gives a capacity of 15 Giga Byte to a Google account. And if you have a very large data more than 15 GB of memory then you can hire additional capacity to Google.

Here is a list of additional memory sizes along with the price.
  • 15 Gigabyte Free price
  • 100 Gigabyte price of $ 1.99 a month
  • 1 Terabyte price of $ 9.99 a month
  • 10 Terabyte price of $ 99.99 a month
  • 20 Terabyte price of $ 199.99 a  month
  • 30 Terabyte price of $ 299 a month

Then, how to save files securely on Google Drive?

Here is a step - step by using a file storage Google Drive.

1. Make sure you already have a Google account. If not, sign up to Google Mail, and then sign up and enter your personal data for processing the Google account creation
2. If you already have a Google account, the next step is to open Google Drive link
3. Log in using your Google account

Image display Google Drive

4. To store files on Google Drive, click New and then File Upload.

5. Next, select a file you want to upload to Google Drive. Google Drive supports the storage of file up to size Gigabyte for a file.

Well, at this stage we have managed to save a file in Google Drive. Files that have been stored in Google Drive will be safe and stored if the file does not violate Google's policies and Google Drive.
Next, after we successfully storing files on Google Drive, we can also share the files that have been saved to the public or others according to our will.

So how to save files easily and securely on Google Drive. Hope it is useful.

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